Dent Repair in Indianapolis Is More Crucial than Ever for Car Renters

Unfortunately, car accidents happen when you least expect them. No matter how carefully you drive or park, there will be instances when you will hit something hard enough to render your vehicle minimally or severely dented. When this happens, the driver automatically becomes obliged to pay the cost of repair. However, if you’ve just rented the car and will not return it anytime soon, getting the dents rubbed off is a good idea.

You can choose to fix those dents by yourself using your DIY dent removal kit. A plunger and mallet can help reduce depressions on the car exterior, then you can put filler to smooth them out altogether. However, since you’re trying to eliminate any possible evidence that can cost you upon returning the vehicle, DIY is not ideal since slips in your work may not escape the inspector’s eyes. You will need professional dent repair in Indianapolis.


Indianapolis Hail Damage Repair Can Rub Out Dents on Your Vehicle

The first half of 2014 is full of reports of hail damage across Indiana. In May alone, Indianapolis was hit twice by a wave of hailstorms that brought hailstones of up to 1.75 inches in diameter. While this natural event is commonplace in the state, it’s quite hard to tell when rainfall will bring hail. Sometimes, it occurs so suddenly that residents don’t have enough time to go out and save their cars.

Cars, particularly those that are parked outdoors, get the most damage from speeding hail. Falling at around 171 km/h, to say nothing of their sheer size, hailstones can break a car’s windshield and dent the exterior. Fortunately, a hail damaged vehicle can still be restored. Depending on the size of the dents and punctures, the car owner can perform a variety of repair methods.


Reliable Dent Removal in Indianapolis can Save You a Lot of Trouble

Who would’ve thought that a simple bump between two vehicles could result in a huge hassle? Stephanie Zimmermann of ABC News recounted the story of a woman in Iowa City, Iowa who had to repair a dent in her car out of her own pocket after getting involved in a rear-end collision with a pizza delivery man. The pizza business refused to pay the $719 claim because the woman didn’t produce a police report that would’ve shed light on the incident and settled matters easily between her and their insurance company.

Although the woman was eventually awarded compensation for the incident, the cost of repairs wouldn’t have been as high if she sought out the services of a reliable dent removal company. Indianapolis Dent Company, true to its name, is an expert on dent removal in Indianapolis that utilizes paintless dent removal (PDR) techniques to repair any damage caused by a rear-end collision, sideswipe, or bump. What makes companies such as this a good choice for resolving traffic accidents


Prepare to Call an Indianapolis Dent Company: Hailstorms Have Arrived

Bad weather isn’t exactly a great way to welcome another month. As reported by WNDU 16, August, 2014 greeted Indiana with thunderstorms, flash floods, and hailstones throughout the northern and central regions of the state. The hailstones, in particular, varied in size; penny-size hail was reported in Lafayette while pea-size stones fell on Lebanon and New Carlisle.

This type of weather is par for the course as far as the Indiana State Climate Office is concerned, however, since heavy precipitation is prevalent from April to August anyway. That said, the story still serves as a reminder for vehicle owners to start prepping, as hailstorms can potentially follow a quick, heavy downpour. While they can take steps to protect their cars from hail damage, there are times when they’ll have no choice but to brave the storm or leave the vehicles out in the open.


Minimize the Costs of Dent Repair in Indianapolis with Smart Thinking

“Finally, no matter what you do, you’ll end up with at least a few dents on your car. It can come from an accident or a random hailstorm, but repairing them doesn’t have to break the bank. The most affordable option is to fix the dents yourself; however, hammering out a dent without professional training can make it worse.

For a more affordable professional option, paintless dent removal is available. If the dent is minor enough, it doesn’t need the full treatment that major damage requires; this makes it cheaper. There are several shops you can go to for paintless dent repair in Indiana like the Indiana Dent Company. However, if the paint has been chipped in anyway, you’ll have to spend the money for a more thorough repair.”


Hail Damage Repair in Indianapolis Can Be Covered By Your Insurance

“If after the estimate you think you’ll need the insurance, start the process of filing a claim. First, contact your insurer to get a copy of the claim form. They’ll often ask you for the details behind the damage and just send the form over for signing. Second, take photos of the damage. Take them from all angles to be thorough.

Third, fill up your claim form as truthfully as possible and send it back. Send the photos along to back up your claims. Fourth, this is usually when the insurance company usually sends an assessor to examine the damage to your car. Note that they’ll want to save your insurer money, so they’ll try to give you a low initial offer. Your initial damage estimates should help in convincing them to release the amount you deserve.”


The DIY Repair or Pro Dent Removal in Indianapolis: Which is Better?

“The procedure was basically identical to method 2, but instead of dry ice, compressed air was used over the dent. One thing was different, however: tin foil was used to cover up the heated area to keep the heat in long enough for the next step. Before spraying, the compressed air container was held upside down. Again, News 9’s staffers were unable to fully fix the dent.

With the results of News 9’s experiments bared, owners of dinged cars would do well to seek professional help. While these DIY methods are fairly cheap, they don’t guarantee satisfying results– something that shops like the Indianapolis Dent Company can provide with dependable paintless dent removal in Indianapolis.”