Facts about Hail Damage to Indianapolis Cars: Surviving the Aftermath

The state of Indiana may not be at the forefront of heavy annual hailstorm activity in the contiguous United States, but it certainly has its share of losses due to annual bad weather phenomenon, along with states like Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, and New York. So if you get caught by a bad hailstorm in the roads of Indianapolis and your car gets pounded by frozen vapor more than an inch thick, what can you expect?


Residents Weather Storms Thanks to Hail Damage Repair in Indianapolis

When water droplets pass through freezing layers of the atmosphere during storms, hailstones are formed and plummet to earth at high velocity. While most parts of the U.S. experience hailstorms, few states have them as frequently as Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. Hailstones vary in size, from golf balls to grapefruits (with the largest recorded hailstone ever measuring seven inches in diameter) and this often prompts those affected to ask for hail damage repair in Indianapolis and other cities. Damage caused by hail adds up to around one billion dollars yearly, which is a sum that often includes car repairs.


Indianapolis Hail Damage Repair Can Rub Out Dents on Your Vehicle

The first half of 2014 is full of reports of hail damage across Indiana. In May alone, Indianapolis was hit twice by a wave of hailstorms that brought hailstones of up to 1.75 inches in diameter. While this natural event is commonplace in the state, it’s quite hard to tell when rainfall will bring hail. Sometimes, it occurs so suddenly that residents don’t have enough time to go out and save their cars.

Cars, particularly those that are parked outdoors, get the most damage from speeding hail. Falling at around 171 km/h, to say nothing of their sheer size, hailstones can break a car’s windshield and dent the exterior. Fortunately, a hail damaged vehicle can still be restored. Depending on the size of the dents and punctures, the car owner can perform a variety of repair methods.


Hail Damage Repair in Indianapolis Can Be Covered By Your Insurance

“If after the estimate you think you’ll need the insurance, start the process of filing a claim. First, contact your insurer to get a copy of the claim form. They’ll often ask you for the details behind the damage and just send the form over for signing. Second, take photos of the damage. Take them from all angles to be thorough.

Third, fill up your claim form as truthfully as possible and send it back. Send the photos along to back up your claims. Fourth, this is usually when the insurance company usually sends an assessor to examine the damage to your car. Note that they’ll want to save your insurer money, so they’ll try to give you a low initial offer. Your initial damage estimates should help in convincing them to release the amount you deserve.”


How to Avoid or Lessen the Costs of Hail Damage Repair in Indianapolis

Get covered

Park your car in your garage if you have one. If you don’t, make arrangements to keep your car in a covered lot starting from the forecast of a hailstorm up to confirmed resolution. Alternatively, you can take cover under bridges or awnings but never under trees that may have loose branches.

Since hailstorms don’t occur year-round, you might not think it’s practical to have a garage built. However, if you can invest in one or in portable carports or special canopies, go for it. Conventional fabric car covers might not be able to withstand the force of hail. What you can do is secure thick blankets or other protective paddings on the car panels.

Furthermore, check your auto insurance if coverage for hail damage is included. Investing in it would be worthwhile since you live in a hailstorm-prone place.