Indianapolis Dent Repair and Other Tips Can Help Raise a Car’s Value

Though it can be tempting to do the repairs on your own to save money, there’s nothing like having a professional repair technician fix the damages, some of which you might not even see. He can identify the best tools to use for the kind of repair that needs to be done, such as the use of paintless dent repair any Indianapolis car owner would appreciate. This technique, unlike the conventional repair where a layer of paint is applied after the fix, is more economical as minor dents are pushed back out in place and smoothened so that a paint job may not even be necessary.


Car Curb Appeal Tips like Getting Indianapolis Dent Removal Services

Go around your home town in Indy and look at homes that are currently being sold. Notice that one of the main things homeowners do to boost their curb appeal is to brighten up the place with some sprucing up. This means keeping the exterior aesthetics as pristine and appealing as possible to attract buyers, an undertaking that can also apply to selling your car. For this though, you won’t need landscape artists, but rather professionals like Indianapolis dent removal companies.


Repelling Hailstones: Tips from a Trusted Indianapolis Dent Company

According to a report from The Indianapolis Star, much of Central Indiana will be experiencing stormy weather this Labor Day.

Severe weather chances remain in the forecast for Labor Day with a cluster of storms forecast to roll through Indiana.

Indianapolis and much of the rest of Central Indiana are under a slight risk of severe weather, according to the National Storm Prediction Center. Large hail and gusty straight-line winds are the main threat. Brief and generally low-level tornadoes will also be possible along the storm cluster’s edges. The cell should be fast-moving and heavy rain likely will last only about 30 minutes.